Guestbook for dB

Christmas, 2007
To Dan's friends.

Many of Dan's friends have sent wonderful notes, or asked if we could set up a guestbook for remembrances.
If you'd like to add to it, please send it to mail@studio8h.com .
I know dB would love knowing that friends would be connected.

We cannot adequately express our heartfelt thanks for the warmth and kindness of so many people who worked with,
supported and loved Dan.

The Beach Family


Hey DB:
It's been some time since i have some thru and showed you a little love. I ran into Stack Newsom today and we haven't talked in years and your name came up and we laughed about all the good times we shared and all the fun we had, it was a very tearful conversation but it was filled with nothing but love. I miss you my friend, now and forever, until we see each other again, check in on a brother from time too time for me, The room is Smokey in your honor right now.....Love you!!
May 18, 2016

​Hi Db, It's hard to believe that another year has gone by without you. I didn't forget you this year but it was more difficult to find your email since I got a new computer this year. I'll save your email address in this computer so that doesn't happen again. My heart goes out to your lovely family. Of course they will never quit missing you. We miss you and aren't even family so I know how hard it must be for them. Darla and Chris still miss you very much. You were the only man in Christopher's life that was a role model whom he respected and it's still hard for him, missing you. But I know you are in a better, a happier place and for that we are thankful. I pray to God often to watch over Chris, sometimes I wonder about how he is going to make it. If you could, please check in on him and guide him because none of us can help him like you could. It would be wonderful if you could relate back to us and give us feedback. Please watch over your mother and father and sister. Their pain of losing you still resonates through them as they write to you. God Bless all of those that you blessed during your short and beautiful life here. Love always,
Suzette, Darla and Chris​
April 28, 2014

I am less than a crumb in the breadbox that was db's life, but his name popped into my head and, after a web search, I must say I am so saddened to hear of his loss. I met Dan only briefly when my morning radio show broadcast from Universal in Orlando, and again our paths crossed when he showed up one morning to help get a broadcast going from the Bahamas. As I say, my time with Dan only amounted to, actually, a few moments, but it was quite plain to see that this was a man with a boundless passion for his work, which was obviously something that he loved doing. A true professional and, I'm betting, somebody who throughout his life never met a stranger. My prayers and condolences for his friends and family.
Greg 'Eggman' Moore
April 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to a remarkable man!! You have no idea how much I miss you, but Kathy keeps sending words of wisdom to help me understand where you are and how you continue to keep in touch with everyone. Today I reread all the wonderful words that friends sent to all of us after your passing. They meant so much at that time, but seem to mean even more today.

The common threads that ran through the letters - your smile, your sense of goodness and caring for all your friends, your spirit that all of us continue to embrace, and the laughter that you spread through any room that you entered are all parts of you we will always carry with us. My personal sadness is not having time to hear you spread your wisdom to those you came in contact with, especially me. I still miss the dinners we had when I was with you in Orlando. Little did I know how special those times would become.

I hope Kathy has sent pictures of Jenni and Carly to you. They are such special girls and I know how proud you would be watching them grow up. I got a picture of Amy's daughter today and she is so cute. Amy has done well and seems happy living in Tennessee. Maybe one of these days I will get up there to see them as she keeps asking me to visit.
I love you so much. I am positive that you continue to play your music for all of us to hear. Let it be known we have not missed a beat. You are so special to all of us mere mortals. I,for one, look forward to being with you again. Keep smiling -
February 21, 2014

Hey Db~ Just wanted to come thru and show some love to my dear friend who I miss dearly!! Every time I hear a song I think of you and that's on the daily!!! Wow it's seems like yesterday we were kicking it and having fun and sharing laughs...I miss you so much.. Some of my greatest moments have been shared with you..Had you on my mind today and wanted the family to know that I still think about Db on the daily, Take care brother, keep an eye out for your fam and if you get a chance to pop in on me, I would like that!!! I'll pass thru again sooner than later.........
August 13, 2013

I have been thinking of you so much lately. It is hard to believe that 5 years have passed since you graced the earth with your presence and started your new life as guardian and protector of all your family. You filled my mind with thoughts of love and strength as we continued to hear the horrible news from up north. You lived your too short life with such love and happiness for your friends and family and we miss that presence now. But we will take strength from knowing you are watching out for all of us and will keep us safe as the days and years go by until we are once again together.
Jenni graduates from Notre Dame this June. Carly will be going to Worcester Academy next fall. Nick R. is working for Turner Construction in Boston and Nick Puccio is also employed in Boston and living outside the city. Your sister is working part time for an attorney in elder law and loving the change in her life.
I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you and wish that you were still with us. My love continues to flow your way every day and will for as long as I live.

April 19, 2013

Hi db, Has it really been 5 years ago today? Not much news here. Darla is still in LA working with 'Miguel' as she has been. Chris is with her in California. We all miss you very much and wish we could just sit down with you, like the olden days, and laugh. After all that hype of the year 2012 we are all still here on planet earth. Thanking God for that you can bet. We will have allot to talk about when we meet again. You are gone from earth but never forgotten db. Love,
Suzette, Darla and Chris
April 18, 2013

Was thinking of some of the good times we had, I was listening to some of the music we used to listen to while chilling on the couch and laughing about all the fun times we shared and thinking what life was all about and all the great friends we shared at Universal, those people are like my family and i miss them, I miss you and hope and pray you are in a better place, having a laugh and smiling somewhere where there are no worries, Until our paths cross again, save me a chair, crank that music way up, look down on us here on earth and know there are people that truly miss you..I miss you....talk to you soon, thinking of you bro....Sigh*
September 7, 2012

Keifus`~We missed your date of the 19th because my father also died on April 12th of this year. He would have been 86 years old on the 19th but overwhelmed with grief at that time we didn't get to the computer on time. It doesn't seem as though you should be gone already and it's still hard to believe that you won't be knocking on the door for some fun project with Darla and Chris. Life was more fun with you around. Darla and Chris are still in Los Angeles and I'm still in Tampa. We talk about you from time to time. Can't believe you would have been 50 this year. I know your in a wonderful place but we will always miss you db. Love to all,
May 17, 2012

It is hard to believe that four years have now gone by. I carry you in my thoughts every day and my heart is full of thoughts of your wonderful smile, your beautiful eyes and your love for all of us. Kathy, Jenni and I were in Puerto Rico this February and we celebrated your 50th! I miss you and pray that you have moved to a better place and continue to smile and play the music that always made you happy.
You are always in my heart and I will continue to walk with you as the days go by. I love you and will always carry you in my heart.
April 19, 2012

Wow it been a while since I saw Dan, I used to go to his house all the time while we used to work together at Universal Studios in the Ghostbusters venue. We had many laughs and some wonderful good times, Dan was a very cool dude and got along with everyone he met and nobody ever say anything bad about him. He had wonderful talent and the best personality.
I'm so happy that God let our paths cross and I got to know the man" DB", I miss you bro, thanks for all the things we got a chance to do and all the fun we had late night chilling and working on the music thing, I will never forget you my friend....Rest in peace my friend!
Keifus Mathews
February 24, 2012

Still missing you every day dB. A lot has happened since that fateful day three years ago but the one thing that doesn't change is our missing you. I have retired from banking and Darla and Chris now live in Los Angeles, but somehow I think you know that.

I spoke to Chris earlier and he remembered today but its still hard for him to talk about it. There are two little boxes that you gave them years ago, Darla got a cedar box, it has a secret hiding place for her jewelry when she travels, and Chris has a colorful little box that you gave him. Well, those items, along with anything you touched and gave them are being cherished and protected always.

You are always in our thoughts and prayers dB and we remember you often throughout the year and we are so thankful to have known you. I know that you are doing good works up there but we still miss you down here. Our love and prayers to your wonderful family dB. God Bless
April 19, 2011

i miss you - I love you and I will carry you in my heart forever.
April 19, 2011

You have been in my thoughts all day today. Can't believe you would have turned 49 today. Kathy called to talk to me as she knew how sad I would be. I think of you so often and wish you were around so I could come up and visit you. I miss our dinner conversations at Universal. The least shuttle flight is supposed to go up on my birthday this Thursday and I hope you will jump on board and take its final flight.

I love you and will watch the night sky to wave to you as you fly over my house. Take care and remember we all miss you and love you very much.
Keep the music playing -
February 21, 2011

You wake up one day looking to shore up your trip to Orlando and contact someone you’d like to catch up with over dinner and the next thing you know your sitting in your office with tears coming down your face for a man you only met in person once. I found out today of this very sad thing that happened to an exhuberant life breathing man.

Dan or as I now know from reading the amazing messages about him dB, was a person who came into my life by total chance of the website and my need for sounds to be used on a new sports entertainment product I created. I sent an email and within a day he was back to me and the magical story was in full swing. dB worked with me with no hesitation and shared his dreams as he helped create and accomplish one of mine. This all began in 2005 only knowing dB as a man that helped me and had great sounds, a cool job and nice website. During our conversations dB and I spoke about sports and entertainment like we where both born with it in our DNA. We both agreed “Give us some people and we will make it a show!” The creative side of life for those that cherish it like dB is knowing that everyday you wake up is a day to create something new and touch someones life. We finally met in 2006 at ESPNZONE in NYC as he attended my launch party. I couldn’t believe dB and his buddy came up from Orlando and made it to the party. Both took full advantage of the event and some great photo ops! I enjoyed my time on a memorable night with many celebrities but the people that meant the most to me where the ones who helped me get it off the ground when it was just an idea and dB was a part of that team and we got to celebrate it together.

But today I realize after reading all the amazing things about his life he was sent into my life for a purpose. Not only did he help me accomplish a dream but now after his passing he still is helping and inspiring me to keep moving on and I will be including his life within my message to the youth of today. I did not know of his personal battle but his message came across crystal clear. No matter who you are or where you come from the dream is always within reach! God Bless the Beach family, friends and all who shared in his life!
Randy Youmans
Pine City, NY - October 15, 2010

Db, you know that we could not let today go by without letting you know that on this day every year we are reminded of you. Because you were such a happy, giving person in life you managed to make your mark on many others and our family was not excluded from your charm. Thankfulness for the days we shared with you, sorrowfulness for the day you were called home, and hopefulness for the day we will meet again. Db came into our family and made it us closer. There was nothing that Db wouldn't do for others and he was an adventurer enjoying every aspect of life. God Bless your family Db. If we miss you this much, I know that their hearts must ache. Peace and Love always.
Tika Langley
April 19, 2010
It's terrible how life gets in the way of keeping in touch.

I am truly sorry I let life slip through my hands with Dan. I was one of Dan's roommates when he was in school in Colorado. We met when he was my neighbor in the dorms... Man we had fun harassing the management there with Harry Nilsson's "Your Breaking my Heart" when we'd get in trouble for our music being too loud.

He gave me a lot of insight into that "bad habit" (my dad's opinion of music) I had and I have never stopped pursuing my lust for new and interesting music because of him. Actually that's how I found out of his passing, his dad manages Tony Levin's web site and while reading a blog I remembered how long it had been since I had emailed Dan.

There are so many memories of the fun we had. I guess the my fondest memory is pulling Dan behind his Rabbit though the Wetmore mountains in Colorado, he's holding a set of jumper cables tied to the bumper and riding his skateboard like a slalam skier...

I cannot express my profound grief for Dan's family as well as my own as I type this with tears streaming down my face.
Kevin Smith
March 28, 2010
I think of DB every day, several times, and sadly, I seem to miss him a little more as each day passes.

Lately, I’ve had the strongest desire to give you, his cherished family, some sort of a virtual ‘group hug;’ as some kind of recognition of the sorrow you must have endured this past year and several months.

Kathy - I think you created a fabulous new musical photo album for Dan’s website. What a loving family! It’s no wonder that whenever Dan spoke of you all, it was with words and in a warm tone befitting of your obvious compassion, joy, acceptance, and unconditional love for each other. May all of you continue to find comfort in your memories of Dan and in the strength of your love for him and for each other.

Thank you for keeping this memorial website for Dan and for allowing us to continue to express how much we miss him in our lives. Fondly,
Amy Henry
Las Vegas, Nevada - August 5, 2009
dB, always loved, never forgotten. We miss you.
Suzette, Darla and Chris
April 19, 2009
It has been over 20 years since I last saw Danny but I have never forgotten him. I do not know what made me think of him today or why I would go to Google to be shocked and saddened to see the news of a year ago. Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of such a talented, pleasant, and joyful person. His passing is a loss to all who knew him. Regards,
Toronto - April 19, 2009
Oh DB, I am thinking about you today as I do everyday. Why must you be so far away? I know you know all that I am thinking but how I wish I could argue with you one more time. I would love to hear all your wisdom on life and have that kick in the butt I need so often. I miss you terribly and still continue to dial your number even though I know you are no longer there.
Los Angeles, CA - April 19, 2009
You were the music in our lives. We're with you in your journey, as you are in ours. I miss you so much.
Boston - April 19, 2009
Hi Dan:

It is so hard for me to believe that we are coming up on the one year anniversary of your death. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you and remember something wise, funny, enlightening or strange that you shared with me. Last weekend, your dad, Michele, Kathy,Jenni, Carly and I met in Orlando for the cheer/dance competition. It was hard for all of us to remember when we were together last year with you laughing, taking wonderful pictures and sharing time with me while others were busy. But without exception, we all agreed that the visit was one of the happiest times we had spent with you in recent memory. You were so joyous and so involved in what the girls were doing and the dinner celebration of Jenni's 13th birthday was very special.

I am flying up to Boston later this week so Kathy, Dad and me can visit with you at the cemetery. I also hope to see Andy and maybe have time to see Peter. Both have been so wonderful to me with their calls, especially Peter. He misses you almost as much as I do and is making some changes in his life. He said he was going to sell his studio next fall. I don't know the details, but as soon as I find out more, I will let you know. I have many conversations with you during the week and I know my words get through to you.

I am beginning to work on the book that you encouraged me to write. However the book is now about you and what I learned about life from you. You would be amazed at how much you taught me in your short life. Amy has been in touch via e-mail, Perri leaves gifts at the cemetery for you and Lisa visited with your dad last week in Orlando.

I miss your beautiful eyes, your wonderful smile, your engaging laugh and your non-stop philosophical discussions over dinner. Simply said, I miss you. Peter told me one day when he called, that you would be very unhappy with me if I didn't move forward with my life. After all, you were a person in perpetual motion. Knowing that fact and understanding that death would not slow you down, I am now trying to honor your time with us as best I can. You were a wonderful son, a good friend to all who sought your counsel and a loving brother to your sister. Though you never wanted to be a father (a fact that still leaves me with questions), you were a wonderful uncle to all your nieces and nephews.

May you continue your travels with ease and never forget to check in with us every once in awhile to let us know where you are and what new event you are working on. Keep the music coming to all of us.

I love you very much and miss you so much. Someday we will be together again.
Forever with love
April 13, 2009
I met Dan during a business trip I took to Philadelphia in August 2001 for a Tupperware show. We only spent one week together, and I am sad to say that it was the only time I got to spent with him.

We met while waiting for a meeting to start, and from that point on, we spent the whole week keeping each other company. When the week was over, I was sad to say goodbye. I think we were both sad to part ways.

dB was like no one I had ever met. He looked out for me, he stuck up for me, and he made sure I had fun while in Philly that week – we had fun together. And even though we had just met; we became fast friends and he seemed to know who I was right away.

Over the next three years, we kept in touch through email but just seemed to lose touch in 2004. He recently came into my thoughts, and I decided to email him; I went to check his Myspace page and to my dismay, I learned of his death.

Words cannot express my sadness for your family. I know there are probably no words strong enough to comfort your pain. I just wanted to let your family know that I am one more person that Dan had a profound impact on, and I will never forget what a wonderful friend I made during my week with him in 2001.
Brea Maremont
November 16, 2008
Dear DB,
I have been reminiscing about our early morning broadcasts from Universal Studios. You had that natural ability to generate peace and harmony during those expected dramas of live radio. All you had to do was smile and we knew things would be fine. Thank you for your encouraging words, inspiring thoughts and laughter throughout the years. You were a rare breed and I feel so lucky to have been your friend.
You left an amazing legacy--that is something we all can only hope to have at the end of our lives. I will miss you dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and countless friends across the world...
Stacy Horton
NYC - June 25, 2008
There are but a few magic spirits in this world, and we were truly blessed to know and love one of them. Dan, I will miss you forever and always....
May 26, 2008
We are so sad to hear about your son. Please accept our condolences to the entire Beach family. What a beautiful boy! It must have been a very very hard slide show to put together. I am struck by how much living the boy did. To have lived well is the pinnacle of human accomplishment.
John and Catherine Sebastian
Woodstock, NY - May 22, 2008
dB, I’ll never forget the moment that Darla called to tell me that you were gone. She was in New York when she heard. We cried together, missing you already. Chris hasn’t been able to look at your web-site because it’s too emotional for him.

Music brought dB and our family together. It was always a joy when he came to the house. You could hear his laughter throughout. His bright eyes and smile was always present.

dB filled our lives through his unselfish generosity, always there to help wash the car or drive ‘Mom’ to the hospital when she broke her wrist trying to roller skate.

I can’t count the times he took Chris skateboarding or how many concerts they spent entire days enjoying. dB’s love of music knew no boundaries and Chris could always count on dB’s willingness to attend with him. dB had a sense of loyalty to those he called friends and the world was a better place because of him.

Thank you for being our friend dB, for all that you did and for all that you were. We miss you very much but we shall all meet again.

What a beautiful eternity you have earned my friend.
Orlando, FL - May 17, 2008
May 17, 2008 Dan, That first time we met at Universal when you were producing my program, Talkin' Pets, I knew at that moment that I met someone in my life that would forever make a lasting impression on my soul. You were truly a bright light on a dark day, a smile created from a frown and a barrel full of laughs that made me look forward to every time we got together on or off the air. I believe in my heart that you are in a happier place and sharing a smile, laugh and wonderful conversation with my parents who have recently passed on to another life as well. I look forward to seeing you again someday and sharing our stories and dreams of life, love and family. Forever honored to have been graced by your presence and called a friend to "DB" Dan Beach. Your fan, friend and admirer forever,
Jon Patch
Business TalkRadio Network®
Tampa, FL - May 16, 2008
Three weeks ago today, the world lost a bright light. Three weeks ago today, the heavens received a new star whose bright light will forever shine. May you rest in peace and continue to play the music you so loved. You were a wonderful son loved by family and friends. I miss you.
Palm City, FL - May 15, 2008
.. Draw a circle, not a heart around the one you love. Because a heart can break, but a circle goes on forever. It used to drive me crazy that Dan ran circles around me. Now I find comfort in the circles. Peace, Dan (lym)
Orlando, FL - May 15, 2008
dB and I hit it off immediately when we first met at his dad's house several years ago. dB loved music, loved being supportive of musicians and was unbelievably generous. I happened to mention I was expanding my collection of iTunes tracks. dB showed up the next morning with disks that were full of songs he had chosen for me. The first batch had over 500 songs. "Just let them play randomly," he smiled. "I don't think there's dud in the bunch." His taste was brilliantly eclectic - it went from guitarist Alex DeGrassi to the Beat poets to the Eagles. "I think DeGrassi has 8 fingers on each hand" dB wrote in an email. He had a way of making you laugh out loud.

But it's dB's easy manner and warmth that stays with me. He was the ultimate cool guy - smart and soulful. I'm terribly sad that he's gone - I had been looking forward to knowing him more. I send my love to everyone in his beautiful family, my most precious friends Dan and Michele and those I've yet to meet. I can only imagine that dB's spirit will rain down comfort on us all.

love to all,
Artie Traum
Bearsville, NY - May 14, 2008
Dan was my high school crush. I last saw him when Eileen Foley and Mark Piantedosi and I brought him to Logan Airport after graduation to catch his flight to Colorado and begin his dream career. Only a few weeks ago I was talking with my daughter about my high school experience and Dan's name came up. I found myself telling her "now there's a person I'd like to connect with again--who'd never do "the reunion thing "so I'd have to have it arranged by the Universe." I wondered where he was, how he was doing and if he was as happy as ever. Just days after that conversation my friend in the Concord area called with the news. Words cannot express my sadness for you his family and friends. The person all of you are writing about is certainly the Dan I knew. Huge smile, small ego, Huge Heart. Fun-Lovin". Very caring. Very genuine. I'm so happy to read of his success..........his continued happiness.........it sounds like he grew while staying the same. How wonderful. And while his life, in my opinion, was too short on this earth, clearly it was well lived. I found myself surprised he settled in Florida, thinking: I guess you can take the boy out of New England....but there's no way the New England was taken out of the boy...............then I saw the date he transitioned to the next realm: April 19th. How significant......Concord Day , as I call it. How Ironic and appropriate. Today I know to feel my feelings. We haven't been in touch in over 25 years......but I feel deeply sad for his passing. After sending out a prayer and blessings to him.......I saw a license plate that read DB-46. I'll take that as my contact back. Yes, Dan , you blessed this world with your presence for 46 years....thank you for crossing paths with mine. May your family and friends feel your presence just as much, if not more, now. Sincerely & with love,
Nancy Sullivan-Lord
Wakefield, RI - May 13, 2008
dB - a man with an infectious smile and a big heart. I just heard the news and am truly saddened to hear. I worked with dB at Universal Studios and boy did we have a great crew and lots of fun. To think of the days when dB made the entire trailer thump because his music was going was something that kept you on your toes and made you smile. The memories I have with dB doing road shows in places like New York, Norwegian cruise lines, Chicago and many other places are amazing.

My heart goes out to dB's family. Let the music play on....
Yaounde Moore
May 8, 2008
One of my favorite memories of DB was when he was in Vegas for work, and took me to see Blue Man Group. We sat in the very first row, and DB stood up and shouted a cheer to the crowd, and everyone laughed and shouted back. He did know how to have fun! I have many other memories of him, but I will keep them for myself. He was truly a unique person, and will be missed.
Terri Clear (Webb)
Las Vegas - MAy 8, 2008
I was shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of dB. He was such a positive and energetic spirit with a true zest for life.

I had the pleasure of working with dB quite a few years a go at Universal Studios. His production studio was located in the special events trailer, so several of us were fortunate to see dB on a daily basis. I have many fond memories of dB and those days at Universal. I had the good fortune of working with dB on the last Universal theme cruise on Norwegian. While we were there to work, we also found a little time to play. The best day of the entire week was when myself, dB and a couple of friends chartered a catamaran in St. Martin. We spent the better part of the day on the boat, snorkeling, and exploring a remote island where the Beatles apparently wrote 'Strawberry Fields'. dB had such a sense of fun and adventure, and I will treasure those memories.

To dB's family - please accept my sincere condolences during this trying time. He will be missed by many. Most sincerely,
Rob Benson
Las Vegas, NV - May 7, 2008
I was a longtime friend of DB when I performed Marilyn Monroe at Universal Studios. It was so sad to hear that DB passed away, and sorry for your families loss.

Just two days before I had stopped by to see him, but he was at the pool, so we missed each other. Later we had a long talk... DB was always great to talk to, he would cheer me up and cheer me on. He would also give me a kick into gear if I needed that too. He told me about his health situation, and how frustrated he was about it. I felt so bad for him.

But most importantly he said that he was completely at peace, and satisfied with what he had experienced and accomplished in his life so far. He said he felt very blessed. I thought you should know that.

DB was one of my favorite people, and I will miss him always. I know I am lucky to have known him. I am so glad I got to tell him one last time how I love you, and he said it in return.

Word cannot express my feelings.... Just wanted to let you know how special he was to so many people and how much we will all miss him. DB was a truly one of a kind special person. May he rest in peace, and may you find comfort in your happy memories of DB. Sincerely,
Dawnn Behrens
Orlando, FL - May 6, 2008
One day last week, I read through the Orlando Sentinel and noticed an article marking the passing of a Daniel Beach IV. I remember thinking at the moment I saw the article headline, "I knew a Daniel Beach IV when I was much younger - what a coincidence," never thinking it would be the same person. Sadly, it turns out that it was. Dan Beach was a childhood friend of mine who I never saw following our teenage years.

The cruel twist is that it turns out that Danny (which is what I called him when we were young) settled in the Central Florida area just after I did, many years ago...and yet, I never knew he was here. Furthermore, it appears that he and I actually lived just a handful of miles apart almost all of that time. It will likely be some time before I get past that singular fact.

It was the notice of his passing that prompted me to look him up online, see his website and MySpace page, and get a small glimpse into what a terrific and unique person he persisted in being throughout the advent of his adult years.
We had fun "messing around" as kids in Concord and Carlisle, Massachusetts, and I would love to think we would have been able to rekindle some of that as adults.

The passing of Danny Beach is obviously going to affect different people in different ways, based on who they are as well as on the nature of the relationship that existed between Danny and each. For me, I mourn the loss of a childhood friend who clearly left this world far too soon, but his passing also serves as a poignant reminder that there is not a moment to waste in living and loving; if there is even one person out there who you wish to see again...even if it's just once more...then go find him. Who knows? You may find that he lives, well, just down the street.

I wish to pass along my condolences to Danny's family, and to all of those for whom his loss is most striking.
Robert G. Yetman, Jr.
May 4, 2008
I met Dan at his Dad's house in Concord nearly 25 years ago (actually, his dad had been relegated to the garage and Dan and his sister Kathy had taken over the house - but I digress). I remember he was happy and beaming on the day we met, and every time I saw him in the years to follow, he was always the same way. Every single moment I ever spent with Dan was fun. Every moment - every day. That's very rare and beautiful, and so was Dan. We all miss you.
George Wardwell
Waldoboro, ME - May 3, 2008
When we said goodbye last night, "bye Danny" slipped out of my mouth. I stood there in shock, helpless in the moment. Looking through your beautiful montage of photos I felt again, helpless in the moment, the tears streaming down my face at the sight of Db4 who I hadn't seen in far too long a time. Then shockingly the screen went blank. I had to look at the cursor to see if that was what it was supposed to do and then realized that yes, sadly as he had been taken from life so had the images on the screen.

It's a beautiful, beautiful chronicle and so loving. It's wonderful to see him growing up and he and KB together. Kathy looks so happy in those photos with her brother as does he with his sis, both shining with life. His happiness and joy are hugely evident in all of these images from infancy to adulthood, he was/ is infused with an eagerness of spirit and joie de vie. I feel so lucky to have spent the time I did with him, my little soul brother.

"I always thought that I'd see you, one more time again"

My deepest and most heartfelt sympathy and love to you, Kathy, Danny's mom, Michele and your entire family.
Barbara Holliday
Brattleboro, VT - May 3, 2008
Dearest Dan, Michele and Kathy:
I am deeply saddened by your loss and moved by the memories of the many lives Danny has touched. Although it has been 30 years since I last saw him, I too remember that killer smile and those bright beautiful eyes. I sincerely hope that the stories of those who knew and loved him will bring you comfort during this difficult time.
Santa Fe, NM - May 1, 2008
A Maestro is gone from us, gone too soon. He lived for music, it made his world go round. He's a Maestro if there is such a thing. He is a beautiful soul and I am so thankful to have known him. He cared so much about making the world a better place and did so with his music programs.

A couple of weeks ago after we finished playing tennis, a car was stranded in the driveway with a flat tire. We went over to see what was going on and the three strangers in the car were ill equipped to fix the flat. dB went into his home and came right back with a wrench and three bottles of cold water. He helped them fix the tire and they went on their way. That was so dB, he really cared about other people and was always ready to help someone in need.

dB's beautiful light burned very brightly and then burned out early as sometime happens. His boundless energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on you and gave you a lift.

dB was a man of his word, that's all too rare these days. I feel privileged to have known him and I miss him.

I love you dB.
Marty Kilgo
Orlando, FL - May 1, 2008
In the summer of 1990, a wild-looking young man wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a bandana on his head appeared at the Events “cubicle” in the Entertainment Department Trailer. He confidently introduced himself to me and smiled – such a radiant smile. I’ll never forget how his eyes sparkled with joy and how his smile seemed to brighten the entire office. I don’t think I’ve ever sensed such pure, unguarded warmth exuding from a stranger.

I never imagined the impact that young man would have on my life, nor how his shining spirit would illuminate some of the darkest patches along my way. From the first time he let me dig my fingernails into his forearm for 45 minutes or so during a turbulent flight to Atlanta, and in countless ways throughout the next 18-years, Dan Beach generously shared - - no, he infused my life, as he did the lives of his family, friends and colleagues, his exceptional warmth, kindness, joy, compassion, friendship, humor, knowledge, hope, energy, and his passion for music.

I’m sure that db’s (in the lower case he used when he didn’t sign, ‘Deeb’) many friends and former colleagues can share interesting and even outrageous stories about him. db delighted in outrageousness, especially when something he said or did could strike a blow against over-inflated egos, ineptitude, or hypocrisy. But, I don’t know how many others of his friends were fortunate enough to experience the depth of db’s compassion or his indefatigable supply of love.

db loved pushing envelopes, exceeding limitations and challenging the status quo. Always a smile – a well-timed complement – imitating Bill Murray’s character in “Caddy Shack” to guarantee a much needed laugh – empathy - Db was blessed with an innate, passionate connection to life through music. Music was his voice and the gift of his heart to others. Db taught me so much about the powerful influence of music and sound…QUALITY sound, of course, on an audience. He helped me learn listen differently; to distinguish between mediocre, good and great sound.

I left Orlando and moved to Las Vegas in 1996, and embarked on one of the most emotionally challenging periods of my life. That was also when I discovered the depth of db’s compassion, kindness and love. I came to realize that I had a rare and true friend in db; someone whose regard for me was genuine and unconditional.

I was in Orlando on business last July and had arranged to catch up with db over a drink late one evening after my work was done and db returned from a big skateboard competition in Jacksonville. When I didn’t hear from him that night or the next day I became concerned, because I was the designated ‘unreliable flaky one’ in our friendship - - not Dan.

Near the end of my stay in Orlando I finally reached db and learned that he had been in a severe car accident (injured and hospitalized) while driving back from Jacksonville on the night we were to have met. I was able to visit with him a couple of times over my last couple of days in Orlando. What a blessing it was for me to spend that precious time with him! - - taking him grocery shopping, making him comfort food, listening, laughing, massaging each other’s feet, watching him doze, and basking in the radiance of his smile and indomitable spirit. And, even though his body was thin and frail than, his spirit was strong and beautiful.

I want you, his truly beloved parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, to know how much Dan meant and will always mean to me, and to so many people. He graced our lives with his beautiful loving spirit.

I miss and will always love my friend, db. You, his dear family, are in my prayers that you may be comforted and strengthened as you as mourn the loss of your beloved Dan. With deepest sympathy and love,
Amy Henry
Las Vegas, NV - May 1, 2008
My condolences to the Beach family and all who knew Dan so well. Somehow the years got between us - but I still listen fondly to the USF masterpieces which were your legacy when I knew you best. It's hard to match your care-free and confident spirit which was a part of everything you did - and was infectious with everyone you touched. Thank you for all you did for us. You are missed.
Chip Koch
April 30, 208
You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. May wonderful memories give you strength at this difficult time! dB was loved by many as he always brighten up our lives with his warm heart, beautiful eyes and great smile. His passion for music and life taught us all. I'm very blessed to have known him!
May time heal your sorrow, may friends help ease your pain, may peace replace your heartache and may beautiful memories of Dan Beach IV remain! God Bless. Take care,
Cheryl Muncie
Dallas, Texas - April 29, 2008
Miss Amy Henry emailed me of your passing last week – WE are both heart broken - for you have a special place in our souls. Memories of you go back to our days at Universal; your smile, your eyes; your laughter. They must be listening to some powerful tunes up in Heaven right now! Love to YOU and your family.
Julie Zimmerman, Orlando, FL and Amy Henry, Las Vegas, NV
April 29, 2008
There are too many things I could write about Dan, but most important was the positive effect he had on my life. From the first time I met him thru my brother Peter in 1979 I knew he was someone special. We became best friends, and over the years we spent many a night and day talking and exploring our world. We always found ourselves speaking of the future, rarely of the past. It seemed as if we had happy feet, for we were on the go constantly, be it going skiing, to the beach, playing Frisbee, or just listening to music, it was always a good time. I owe much to Dan, because he influenced my move to Colorado where I lived for a few years and found myself, and he was with me when I met Denise, the love of my life and mother of my beautiful children.
I'll miss his friendship and love. He was my friend and my brother. He will always be in my heart.
SHAH, Baby!
Andy Sturtz
Carlisle, MA - April 29, 2008
About a week before Dan passed, in a e-mail he wrote to me he said ".... I can say I've lived many lives so far." He was always doing something that the average person only watches on TV. He brought positive attitude and a strived for perfection wherever he went. But Dan touched many lives beyond that. One of Dan's greatest legacies is how many people he introduced that became life long friends. Several close friends of mine are people that Dan introduced me to. He loved to introduce people that he thought would have a positive effect on each other, and he did it well. The result of those introductions will go on, even if Dan is no longer with us.
Jim Robinson
Orlando, FL - April 28, 2008
DB, Your energy, enthusiasm and lust for life will always be part of me. You left us too soon but I know your suffering has ended and you are at peace. God must need a new sound engineer to update his playlist. I can only imagine how rad the skate parks are on top of the world! Know you are missed and loved by many. I promise to care for your sister and Mom. Rest in Peace. Love
April 28, 2008
dB - Music is well said to be "the speech of angels" (Thomas Carlyle). I’m sure you have your playlist started in heaven my angel. Love,
Michele Beach
April 28, 2008
I met you when I was 22 years old, so young and naive. Our time together was filled with many transitional experiences. Through that time together you taught me how to become grounded, self reliant, and to make an ordinary day something special. My memories are filled with music, munchies and excellent conversation.
You always saw my full potential and pushed me to go for it (jumping out of airplanes, off of tall buildings and singing and dancing on stage), instead of allowing me to give into my weaknesses, even when I desperately wanted to. I learned to ask questions and how to enter the computer age. Yes, I still have the first and only sign on name you gave me over 12 years ago.
One day you called me and told me to walk across the Universal Park to meet “Some guy” who was perfect for me. I fought you every step of the way but in the end you were right. Thank you for introducing me to my wonderful husband who I now have two beautiful children with. You knew me better than I knew myself. I will take the life lessons you gave to me and cherish them always.
Dearest DB….Sweet Dreams. Forever your friend,
April 28, 2008
Dan, when well, was pure joy. A ferocious advocate for the adventure of unrestrained curiosity. We held onto the gunnels of the long boat as the harpooned whale tore through the stormed tossed sea; our fear kept from panic by his complete love of the journey, and his unshakeable faith that we could somehow share his vision. What a ride it was. Thank you Dan for your time with us. The depth of our heartbreak speaks to the height of our love....my God, you are so missed......your friend.....
Watertown, MA - April 27, 2008
You touched many lives and I am so very thankful that I was one of them. Our days together at Universal hold such wonderful memories as we worked many long hours and traveled taking shows on the road just laughing and making jokes throughout it all. You always bought sunshine with your smiles and hugs through every thunderstorm that challenged us and somehow, no matter what the crisis, you found a way to fix it and made it work.

You are by far the most talented sound technician I have ever worked with. I will cherish the long hours in your studio forever. And I'll always remember you waving good-night to me every night around 11 across our joint creek in the condos. Although those days were left behind years ago, your footprint on my heart is eternal. Thank you for touching my life and teaching me both professionally and spirituality. And thank you for the happiness and laughs we shared. May you soar with the Angels. Say Hello to our friends. God Bless. Love ya dB,
Cheryl Muncie
April 27, 2008
"It often is a merit of an ideal to be unattainable. Its being so keeps forever before us something more to be done, and saves us from the ennui of a monotonous perfection." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

I couldn't have said it any better than maggie. Here's to a guy who loved the music even more than the musicians who made the music.
charles laquidara
Wailea, HI - April 25, 2008

When we met forty years ago he was six and "Danny" was a sweet and smiling kid, enthralled by his Dad's and his Dad's friends' love of and labors in music, production, radio, and TV. In the last fifteen years, he was "dB" to me and all his music loving friends. It is simply heartbreaking to lose him. dB's passion for great music was boundless; he had no prejudices except in favor of quality. The diversity of his musical taste as well as the multiple areas of production work in which he excelled marked him as a true Renaissance Man. But, beyond and above dB The Music and Production Man, the sweet and caring boy I grew to love in the late 60s and early 70s never left him. He was ever there for you, ready with a favor, sharing music, commiserating over the sad state of modern media, but never giving up and preaching the gospel of better radio and music. My dear Ginny has a way of instantly spotting and sizing up greatness and character in people and when she met dB in Orlando in 1996, she instantly loved the man. When I got off the phone with Dan last Saturday morning and told Ginny the awful news, she broke down; we hugged for at length. Dan, Kathy, Judy, Michele, and the whole family have been and remain in our hearts and prayers. Danny-dB, you were always there for us, and you will always BE with us.
Sam Kopper
Hingham, MA - April 25, 2008
lightning in a bottle
reaches for the sky
      and is gone

safe passage DB. love,
Weston, MA - April 25, 2008
Dan's enthusiasm for literally everything, is a characteristic I most enjoyed about him. The entertainment community suffers today and beyond for this loss. On behalf of his friends and family at Universal, it would be our honor to support his memory through contribution should you decide to create such an effort. Our thoughts are with you.
Pamela Tuscany Warren
Vice President/General Manager
Universal Studios Florida Production Group
Orlando, FL - April 24, 2008

Salute to one of the finest individuals to cross my path in life. I met and worked with db at Universal Studios Florida from 1996-2003 and we became great friends. No matter where we lived, we remained in contact and spent many fun times together. He was compassionate, generous and had that influential smile that captured everyone in a crowd. He created a great career in music and sports...and his passions came to life. I will sorely miss his presence here but the life of db and those he called friends shall remain alive for a very long time. Cheers to you in heaven and may you always know we gaze at the sky in memory of all you touched here. Love,
Suzanne Mercado
April 24, 2008
You had your hands on a lot of relationships… and you probably never knew it… I met my wife too, through a connection that happened because of you…producing Talkin Pets… pretty amazing if you think about it.. How taking a gig on a radio show could bring so many happy years to my life… And the RBC, wouldn’t be here with out you… thanks man… Always enjoyed the random email be it new music or rant on the world - they were always welcome and enjoyed. You will be missed.. and I’m sure you already have tickets to some the best shows up there… peace!!
Bob Page
April 24, 2008
I worked with Dan closely on many special events at Universal and always counted on him and trusted him on all my projects. I knew that if Dan was on the job I would have exactly what I needed. I could always count on him for a smile and a joke. He was so much fun to work with and hang with. So courteous and giving as well. When he worked the audio for the Magic Games he was very kind to get me (as well as many others) a backstage pass from time to time and to watch the game with him from the skybox. He was very motivated in everything he did including branching out on his own developing his own studios. He will be missed for his professionalism, but most of all for his friendliness. God bless.
Jeff Ross
April 24, 2008
I don't think I ever really, really thanked you for introducing me to Debbie. If you didn't we probably never would have dated and eventually get married. Although we are not married anymore, we remain the best of friends. And this is because of you. And the way you cared about your friends. We will always treasure those years we all worked together at Universal. The years passed......we lost touch........but I will never forget your friendship.
I love you man.
Phillip Renghia
April 23, 2008
I will always remember Dan for his smile and enthusiasm. Always ready to dig in and improve whatever it was he was working on.
Our days at Universal Studios were filled with challenges and a lot of fun as well and Dan took both of them seriously.
God Bless you Dan, we’ll miss you!
Larry Howard
April 23, 2008
We haven't met, but I knew Dan, and I wanted to email you to let you know how sad I am to hear of his passing. I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed knowing Dan and working with him.

I met your son at Tupperware about 20 years ago. He was doing music for one of our events. I was really new to the business and uncertain what to expect, probably a little nervous. Dan always had a smile and a reassuring word. At the end of the event, the team leader held drawings to give out some prizes to folks on the team. One of the prizes was a Tuppereware golf shirt. Man, I thought that was cool! Dan won that shirt, and after the drawing was over, he came up to me, put his arm across my shoulder and handed the shirt to me. I don't know how he knew I really liked that shirt, but he did. He said something about it being too small for him. I don't think it was; it was just DB being DB.

I left Tupperware after about 10 years, but that didn't mean Dan and I stopped working together. I've been with 3 other companies since then, and Dan was always my sound person of choice. If he was available, he was the guy we hired. He was great to work with. Always the professional, always willing to help anywhere with anything that needed to be done. Always smiling.

I just wanted you to know that there are a lot of us out here who thought the world of DB, and we will miss him.

My deepest sympathies to you and your family.
Bob Rosenberger
April 21, 2008